An Earth Education program

Getting to Know Your Place in Space


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Sunship Earth is a curriculum-based environmental science program that teaches major environmental concepts (for example, cycles, succession, niches, food chains) while giving students an appreciation of the Earth’s wonders, and motivating them to protect the precious life systems on our planet.

  • Become clouds traveling through the water cycle

  • Work as food producers inside a leaf to better understand photosynthesis

  • Avoid becoming the prey of hungry coyotes in a game of environmental competition

  • Group Size: 25 – 35 students + 6 adults (teachers and parents from the school)

  • Grades: 5th - 6th

  • Camp Location: T.R.E.E.’s Outdoor Classroom — Northshore

  • Length: 5 Day/4 Nights – Overnight resident camp for 5th and 6th grades

  • Program: Highly structured educational program to teach Earth processes through experiential and fun activities

  • Cost: Contact us for information — includes program materials, meals, lodging, transportation

  • Availability: Offered to students within 3 hours of Covington, LA — from October through April

  • Follow-up activities at school and at home are offered and are strongly encouraged.

Sunship Earth is a copyrighted program that was developed by The Institute for Earth Education.