Welcome to The T.R.E.E. Shop! We are happy to offer a selection of T.R.E.E. inspired items for purchase. 

Shipping and handling for each item is $2.

T.R.E.E. Tops – Hats Made by Hand

If you have visited the Sunship Study Station on the North Shore then you may have seen, or even worn, a T.R.E.E. Top before. They are made of fleece and come in a variety of colors and patterns. Each hat is handmade by Firefly!



T.R.E.E. Tee’s



Sunship Earth

Sunship Earth

Trees of New Orleans

Trees of New Orleans

Several Designs available including Earthkeepers and Sunship Earth Programs. Also available is  T.R.E.E.’s original “Trees of New Orleans” shirt. Each shirt is 100% cotton.

Earthkeepers — $15

Sunship Earth — $15

Trees’s of New Orleans — $10.00


Soft Tools

Soft Tools are a staple of T.R.E.E. programs! They are a simple way to cut down our use of energy and materials and also serve as lovely, useful tools! Available in assorted patterns. Regular soft tools measure 13×13 inches and mini-soft tools measure 7×7 inches. Each soft tool is handmade by Firefly!

Single Soft Tool $5

Set of 4 Soft Tools $15

Set of 6 Mini Soft Tools $15

Set of 8 Soft Tools $25