While providing academic challenges, we instill a caring attitude and provide fundamental knowledge of how the systems on Earth work. Our programs also immerse children in forested lands where they are kept safe and nurtured, and where they can develop a deep appreciation for the natural environment through thought provoking experiential activities. The culmination of these components creates the inspiration for children to feel empowered making wiser decisions on how to preserve the wonderful diversity of our natural world and to make choices to live more lightly on our magnificent planet.  

T.R.E.E. has established successful partnerships with numerous New Orleans metro area parish, public, charter, and private schools as well as with preservation entities especially, Jean Lafitte National Historic Park and Preserve and in-kind supporters like Volunteers of America and Tulane University. 

T.R.E.E.’s philosophy utilizes an innovative instructional approach:


The first component focuses on basic scientific processes that explain how the Earth works. Concepts such as energy flow, the cycling of air, soil and water, interrelationships of living and non-living organisms, and diversities within the life systems of our planet, are aligned with Louisiana State benchmarks and presented in an engaging and active, hands-on learning manner.


The second element utilizes sensory activities focusing on the senses (taste, sight, smell and hearing) to encourage participants to become comfortable in their new surroundings and to develop a greater appreciation and personal relationship with the natural world.


The final component concentrates on how each of us fits into the functioning of the Earth and initiates decision-making skills to determine ways to protect our planet. This propels them to apply the information they have learned in order to develop positive lifestyle habits that will encourage healthy natural communities on Earth.