Lost Treasures

T.R.E.E. is developing the following program and will be piloting it soon.


Lost Treasures is an innovative science education program, being piloted by T.R.E.E. for third and fourth grades with weekly components throughout two full school years. It takes place in a classroom setting, with periodic excursions to museums, zoos, botanical gardens, parks or similar places as integral parts of the program. The Lost Treasures staff and the classroom teacher combine efforts to provide a dynamic, effective learning experience.

The Lost Treasures program focuses on the ecological concepts of: the characteristics of animals, minerals and plants (year 1); and the properties and effects of air, soil, water and light (year 2). Through immersion in imaginative activities, students discover how the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms operate and interrelate on the lands where they are found, and how air, soil, water and light interact with these kingdoms to make Earth function ecologically.

The program uses medieval legends, lore and props as an organizing theme. A giant storybook (2’X3′), proclamations, kingdom rings, and an ancient treasure chest serve as the focal points for the program in the classroom. The second year brings the addition of shields, silvery pieces, and riddles.

In the Lost Treasures program, students are engaged in a series of magical adventures that instill not only knowledge but also a sense of wonder and care for the natural world. This activates them to apply the information they have learned to develop positive lifestyle habits that will encourage healthy natural communities on Earth.

The following are some important points you’ll want to know:

  • Lost Treasures is a newly developed program and T.R.E.E. is one of only 3 sites in the world given the opportunity to pilot this exciting educational experience.
  • Students receive direct instruction from T.R.E.E.’s highly trained, caring and committed staff. Along with the classroom teacher, they provide personal, quality learning for each child.
  • Each activity provides instruction through a multitude of learning styles.

The cost to the Lost Treasures program includes EVERYTHING! (Included in the cost are instructional materials and supplies, transportation to and from off-site locations, all fees associated with off-site visits, and instruction by T.R.E.E.’s highly trained staff.)