We are 


Teaching Responsible Earth Education. And, our students are the greatest natural resource on Earth.

Since 1995, Teaching Responsible Earth Education (T.R.E.E.) has provided comprehensive curriculum based, life science and earth education programs in “Outdoor Classrooms” to thousands of children, parents and teachers from throughout the New Orleans metropolitan area.


Why support T.R.E.E.? Why now?

Because, children from all economic backgrounds deserve an opportunity ...

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... to gain the energy and confidence that comes from connecting with and understanding our beautiful planet. And, we are all getting increasingly disconnected from our environment. 

At T.R.E.E., we embrace technology as a way to inspire change in the cultural value system. But, we also recognize that the phones and computers we spread our message with can disengage us from the world as we engage with it. We do not allow students to use their cell phones during our programs, but we do seek to capture their experiences and share them. Do you have skills?