How To Plan, Set up, and Complete Your Quest


How To Plan, Set up, and Complete Your Quest

Successfully completing the Quest is the most important part of Sunship III. Educating our youth about the ecological principles that dictate our daily needs and how these principles are in dire need of protection is only part of what Sunship III offers. The Quest portion allows the students an opportunity to take the knowledge that they learned at the Outdoor Classroom and apply it to their daily lives and learn how positive change is happening all around them.

“Writing down a good habit is easy, talking about it is easier still, wanting to change won’t help on this Sunship, DOING your part is the on thing that will.”





How To: Learning from Fellow Travelers – Interview Portion

  • Visit our Quest Partner section of the website and have the class/classes vote on one organization/person in each category.   
    • They will need to do an interview with one in each category.  
  • Organize the three that were voted on to come for a day at the school. 
  • Prepare your students with some basic interview questions
    • have students bring their ledgers, so that they may take notes in each section
    • split up students in small groups so that each gets to ask at least two questions and rotate them to each organization/person

How To: Magic Spots

For the magic spots the students must find three different places that represent the three different objects: a feather, moss, and a pebble. They are not to do this all in one day but spread out over at least three days. 

You have two options for the magic spot portion:

  1. Have students do this on their own. Encourage them to do so by showing them our magic spot map. 
  2. Incorporate into your classroom time, places that are near your school, where you could take the class so that they may find a magic spot in several different places around your school. 

How To: Crafting a Lifestyle

In this section of the Quest, it is expected that the students take personal action. The class must work together on a project that positively impacts the schools energy and materials usage. 





How To: Learning from Fellow Travelers – Interview Portion

  • Visit our Quest Partner section of the website and decide which organization/persons you would like to interview
    • You will need to do an interview with one from each category.  
  • Decide what day would be best for you to do your interview.
    • email or call the three organization/persons of you choosing and ask if that day would be possible
    • once you have made a date with each organization/person (hopefully all on the same day) organize a family member or friend to take you to each place.
    • plan for each interview to last 30 minutes.  
  • Prepare some basic interview questions
    • bring your ledgers, so that you may take notes in each section
    • it’s always a nice to send a homemade thank your card to your interviewee. They will cherish it.

How To: Magic Spots

Find three different areas that represent the three objects you received: feather, moss, and a pebble. Have at least one magic spot once a week for three weeks. You will return each object at a different magic spot. These will be spread out over the three weeks. You are not going to one magic spot and returning all three objects or going Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but rather spreading them out with some days in between. 

This will help make magic spots a habit and part of your lifestyle.

How To: Crafting a Lifestyle

Finally, taking part in positive environmental action. For this section of the Quest you are to take part in environmental action either by implementing an environmental program at school or by getting involved with an existing one.  


How to Plan, Set up, and Complete an Interview of Your Fellow Travelers

  • In each category find someone that interests you. Call or email ahead to schedule a visit with them. We’ve talked to these individuals, and they all know about your Quest and are eager for your calls!
  • If someone you know is doing work with one of these organizations or a similar type of work (use your best judgment!), you can interview them instead for one of your interviews.
  • Remember, you can do this as a class, a group, or alone.
  • You can ask them to visit your classroom or go to their place of work or even meet in at the T.R.E.E. office.

When you call or email them…

Tell them your name, that you have been to Sunship III, and are calling/emailing to schedule a visit. If they do not answer the phone, leave a message with the above information and how they can contact you. That’s it…they will take it from there!

When you meet with them as a class, a group, or alone…

For each interview, please do a short write up reflecting on your experience, either in your Ledger pages 30 – 33 and then get your teacher(s) to stamp OR through our web form as you complete each one.

You will want to think of questions to ask the person. Here are some general questions to ask:

  1. In what ways do you use energy and materials wisely OR demonstrate care for natural places and things OR develop a deeper personal relationship with the earth?
  2. Why do you choose to (insert category name here)?
  3. What is the most challenging or difficult part of your choice?
  4. What is the easiest part of your choice?
  5. What is the most rewarding part of your choice?


  • Watch or read some other interviews. It will give you some good ideas of what works, and what doesn’t.
  • Imagine that you are being interviewed. What are some questions you would like to be asked about your life. What are some questions you would not like?
  • Be sure to write all your questions down in a notebook, then practice asking them with a partner.
  • Ask OPEN questions rather than CLOSED questions.
    • OPEN Question: Many possible answers
    • Closed Question: Answer is either yes or no


That’s it! Now you’re ready to complete your three interviews! Once you’ve finished that, you are 1/4 of the way through, and ready to move on to the last 3 parts.


It’s a fun program and you have fun and learn at the same time.





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