Sunship III Quest

“On your Quest you will discover Truth, Harmony and Adventure”


What is the Quest?

Now that you have learned many of the ecological principles and some of the environmental issues that arise when we, as individuals and a community, do not live by these principles it is time to take action. What exactly will you be doing on the quest?

It will be a Quest for finding those who are already living more in harmony with our vessel’s systems and communities and learning from them what they have already discovered. They are out there right now, practicing different ways of lessening their impact upon this planet, but their work often goes unseen by those who do not perceive a need for such action.

You will connect with the natural area that surrounds you, always; finding a magic spot to return your natural objects. These objects will lead you to natural spaces that will engage your senses and remind you of our constant connection to the ecological principles that dictate life on this Sunship.

Finally, you will decide how to craft your life with choices that create positive impacts on the earth and other life that shares this journey on the Sunship. You will be on your own. You must decide each day how you will use the energy and materials available to you on board this vessel. You must decide how you will relate with the other life with which you share this journey. You must decide when you will join with others in taking positive environmental action. 

Your Quest will not be easy. Many things will deter you in the weeks ahead, but it will be the most lasting part of these exercises.

We know you will succeed! 


Your Sunship III Quest has four parts to it: People, Places, Pledges and a Project. From cyberspace, we can help you with People and Places!

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