A Commitment to Quality Education

The most important goal of T.R.E.E. is to provide quality educational programs for children and adults.  With this goal, the staff at T.R.E.E. is required to have a commitment and dedication to helping others learn.  In order to fill this commitment, the staff must be able to:

  • Love working with children
  • Make children the center of the learning process
  • Concentrate on the needs of the children, teachers and parent volunteers, whose background are highly diverse
  • Manage children in a structured, yet positive and constructive manner
  • Work long, hard hours, physically and emotionally.  Overnight/Residential program days usually last from 7:30AM until 11:00PM
  • Get really dirty and still keep a smile
  • Work within a scripted and structured curriculum
  • Role-play, pretend, be creative and imaginative, think like a kid
  • Perform without always needing to be the star (the children are the stars)
  • Clean up after kids and adults
  • Be supportive in a close-quarters community
  • Work independently, yet be able to work within a community.


Although working for T.R.E.E. requires commitment, there are huge rewards:

  • Being able to work with children in the outdoors
  • Receiving appreciation, excitement and enthusiasm from the children
  • Learning valuable teaching and managing skills based on a innovative and effective educational model that has been in operation since 1985
  • Working with other like-minded people in a community setting
  • Making lasting ties with the educational community, including schools, teachers, and other community organizations
  • Being a kid again

My child enjoys being outdoors more than before; looking for insects.

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Lost TreasuresLost Treasures
a full academic year program taught weekly in the classroom for third grade and on into fourth grade
Earth KeepersEarthkeepers
a three-day Outdoor Classroom program for fourth grade
Sunship EarthSunship Earth
a five-day/four-night Outdoor Classroom residential program for fifth grade
Sunship 3Sunship III
a three-day/two-night Outdoor Classroom residential program for seventh grade