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The suggested donation amounts are for full scholarships. These are the costs of giving 100% financial support to a child whose school and parents are unable to provide any tuition assistance. However, please enter ANY AMOUNT you’d like to go towards a program, and we will send a GIFt to you and your honoree (with a message from you if you’d like), letting them know of the impact they made.  You may enter up to 3 honorees on each checkout.

Sunship III

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Send a 4th Grader to Earthkeepers

A 3-day Outdoor Classroom program 

Scientific Concepts Explored: Energy Flow, Cycles, Interrelationships & Change



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Sunship III

Send a 7th grader to Sunship III

A 3-day/2-night Outdoor Classroom residential program

Scientific Concepts Explored: Energy Flow, Cycles, Interrelationships & Change



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Sunship Earth

Send a 5th grader to Sunship Earth

A 5-day/4-night Outdoor Classroom residential program 

Scientific Concepts Explored: Energy Flow, Cycles, Diversity, Community, Interrelationships, Change & Adaptation

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Thank you for planting seeds that will last beyond our lifetimes.

Sunship Earth parent chaperone




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Lost TreasuresLost Treasures
a full academic year program taught weekly in the classroom for third grade and on into fourth grade
Earth KeepersEarthkeepers
a three-day Outdoor Classroom program for fourth grade
Sunship EarthSunship Earth
a five-day/four-night Outdoor Classroom residential program for fifth grade
Sunship 3Sunship III
a three-day/two-night Outdoor Classroom residential program for seventh grade